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Rescue and Placement

Understanding that lives change and occasionally even the best dog owner has to give up a beloved pet, the Official Scottish Deerhound Club of America (SDCA) Rescue & Placement Committee was formed.

This network of Deerhound lovers is prepared to provide foster care, and then a permanent home for any Deerhound, whether it needs to be placed out of a home due to a change in circumstance, or rescued from a shelter.

If you find you must give up your Deerhound, your first call should be to the breeder of your dog. If, for any reason you can't call your breeder, you are encouraged to call one of the committee members listed below.

Happily, there are always loving homes available for Deerhounds of all ages. Please be assured that your dog will be lovingly cared for and responsibly placed.

For more information on Official Deerhound Rescue & Placement, write, call, or e-mail. (Please, use this only for R&P. If you have other questions, please use the Contact Us link at the left)


Fran Smith
(585) 335-3439

East Coast

Committee Chair

Ellen Straub
(321) 631-5068

South East


Deb Hughes
(810) 471-0321

Ellen Pilling
(775) 246-0157
West Coast

The Rescue and Placement committee has produced an educational booklet to help potential and new owners understand what it means to take on a Deerhound puppy. This booklet, copyright Miranda Levin, may be printed and distributed providing no changes are made.

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